Samsung R428 R430 R439 R429 R440 R466 R467 R468 R470 Laptop Battery


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Compatible Models:
R428 R430 R439 R429 R440 R466 R467 R468 R470 R718 R720 R507 X360 Series
R478 R517 R480 R518 R522 R463 R464 R460

E251 NP-E251 NT-E251 series, E252 NP-E252 NT-E252 series
E372 NP-E372 NT-E372 series, E152 NP-E152 NT-E152 series

R423 NP-R423 NT-R423 series, R428 NP-R428 NT-R428 series
R429 NP-R429 NT-R429 series, R430 NP-R430 NT-R430 series
R431 NP-R431 NT-R431 series, R439 NP-R439 NT-R439 series
R440 NP-R440 NT-R440 series, R458 NP-R458 NT-R458 series
R460 NP-R460 NT-R460 series, R462 NP-R462 NT-R462 series
R463 NP-R463 NT-R463 series, R464 NP-R464 NT-R464 series
R465 NP-R465 NT-R465 series, R466 NP-R466 NT-R466 series
R467 NP-R467 NT-R467 series, R468 NP-R468 NT-R468 series
R478 NP-R478 NT-R478 series, R480 NP-R480 NT-R480 series
R507 NP-R507 NT-R507 series, R518 NP-R518 NT-R518 series
R519 NP-R519 NT-R519 series, R520 NP-R520 NT-R520 series
R522 NP-R522 NT-R522 series, R523 NP-R523 NT-R523 series
R538 NP-R538 NT-R538 series, R540 NP-R540 NT-R540 series
R580 NP-R580 NT-R580 series, R620 NP-R620 NT-R620 series
R718 NP-R718 NT-R718 series, R720 NP-R720 NT-R720 series
R728 NP-R728 NT-R728 series, R730 NP-R730 NT-R730 series
R780 NP-R780 NT-R780 series, RV408 NP-RV408 NT-RV408 series
RV409 NT-RV409 NT-RV409 series, RV410 NP-RV410 NT-RV410 series
RV415 NT-RV415 NT-RV415 series, RV508 NP-RV508 NT-RV508 series
RV509 NT-RV509 NT-RV509 series, RV511 NT-RV511 NT-RV511 series


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