Lenovo-Battery-Laptop E435 E440 E445 E530 Laptop Battery


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Compatible Brand                                                             – For Lenovo

Compatible Product Line                                                 – Lenovo ThinkPad E Series

Compatible Model                                                             – E435 E440 E445 E530 E531 E535 E540 E545

Voltage                                                                                – 10.8V

Capacity                                                                               – 48wh

Country/Region of Manufacture                                    – China

Color                                                                                     – Black

Operation time                                                                   – Around 2-3 hours

Warranty                                                                              – 6 Month Warranty

Compatible Part Numbers:

Lenovo L11L6Y01, L11L6F01, L11L6R01, L11M6Y01, L11N6R01, L11N6Y01, L11P6R01, L11S6F01, L11S6Y01, ASM 45N1048 , FRU 45N1049 Series


Compatible Models:

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge B590 E430 E435 E535 E430c IdeaPad Y480 Series: IdeaPad Y480A-ISE, Y480M-IFI, Y480P IdeaPad Y580 Series: IdeaPad Y580A, Y580M, Y580N, Y580P IdeaPad V480 Series: IdeaPad V480C, V480S, V480U IdeaPad V580 Series: IdeaPad V580C